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001. Basic functions of the piston rings

  1. Air Density Functions: To avoid air leaking from the top of the piston
  2. Thermal Conduction: Guiding the heat produced by the explosion via the piston rings to the wall of the cylinder in order to disperse heat.
  3. Lubricate and scrape oil: Restrict excess oil in entering the chamber and also aids in lubrication of the cylinder wall.
  4. Maintaining the operation of the piston

002. The right piston rings for your engine

As compared to the size of an engine, the piston ring is relatively small. Thus, generating a misleading concept of its importance. In fact, the role of the piston rings impersonates the valve in a heart. Inappropriate use will lead to high consumption of the engine oil, scraping of the cylinder wall, reduced horsepower, increased usage of petrol, increased noise pollution etc.
Due to the limited expertise and knowledge, a lot of smaller competitions come up with products that are inferior in its outlook. Under close examination, some minor characteristics of the piston rings are inferior and go against the principal of the design; after the usage of such products will lower the performance of the engine and cause extreme damage to the engine.
By choosing RIKEN products, a world class and professional manufacturer brand, will guarantee the quality of the piston rings, the only way to enhance the life of an engine.

003. Meaning behind the engravings

There are two functions to the engraving on the side of the piston ring, one is to point out the direction of the piston ring and the other is to identify the size, the allocated space of the piston ring and the manufacturing factory.
Due to its design, the piston rings must be installed appropriately with the engravings on top. If not, it will not perform at its best; on the contrary, it will cause severe damage to the cylinder.
The engravings on the right side of the piston ring is normally used to distinguish the factory that produces it, For example, "R" stands for Taiwan Riken Factory, "R1" and"R2" stands for the placement of the pistons rings or "RN" meaning the material used to manufacture RIK-20.
The engravings on the left of the piston ring indicates information on the size of the outer diameter, if it has been enlarged. The markings are as shown:

Engraved Markings Enlarged Exterior Diameter Engraved Markings Enlarged Exterior Diameter
Without Engraved Markings 0.00mm 100 1.00mm
25 0.25mm 150 1.50mm
50 0.50mm 200 2.00mm
75 0.75mm 250 2.50mm


004. Important points for assembling piston rings

  1. The piston rings need to be cleaned before installation and specific tools are needed to install the piston rings.
  2. Start the assembly from the bottom of the ditch, always ensuring that the engravings are facing the top.
  3. Each piston ring needs to be separated (avoid forming a straight line) about 15 degree, and avoid the aperture in a 90 degree position.
  4. Notice of the Steel Vent Assembly
    4-1. Firstly place the spacer in the ditch, ensuring that the pointed part is facing the top of the piston ring and prohibited to overlap around.
    4-2. Install 2 pieces of rail, ensuring that the connecting part is about 15 degree apart.
    4-3. After installation, ensure that you are able to rotate the piston ring smoothly.
  5. When installing piston rings with Coil or Expander, make sure that the connecting points are 180 degree apart.



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